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When you think of house cleaning you normally think interior, but exterior house cleaning is also an important part of your home’s overall maintenance. Having the exterior cleaned will help maintain the appearance and beauty of your home while adding curb appeal and value.

Exterior House Cleaning – House Washing Company Lexington and Florence Kentucky

Any surface that is exposed to the elements needs to be cleaned often, your home’s exterior surface is no exception. A proper house washing will eradicate any dirt, mold, or mildew that may be eating away at your siding.
Our softwashing technology and eco-friendly house washing cleaners will bring back the luster and shine of any house siding without risk of property damage. Soft surface washing is the latest and best technology available.

As an experienced house cleaning company, we understand your concerns with the use of excessive pressure. Our house cleaning detergents do the dirty work followed by a soft, low pressure washing, that is perfect and recommended for house siding of all kinds.

Unlike some house cleaning companies, we do not peel mold, mildew, and algae off your home using excessive pressure. We remove these stains with eco-safe house cleaners so they do not grow back anytime soon.

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